Advancement & Betrayal


When we launched our own 3.o USB for the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Note 3 phones, we joined the revolution of how people stream data…

Zeus Products 3.0 USB Difference DescriptionThe old 2.0 USBs (Micro USBs) contain 4 wires that charge your phone, as well as transfer data.
These were great when most pictures didn’t even go past a megabyte, but now, our photos and videos are constantly getting better and better, and require a revolution in the way we transfer this amount of data. This is where the newly engineered 3.0 USBs are designed with a total of 9 wires. come in. Over double its former, the 3.0 Cable is capable of live streaming these enormous videos in real time to your tv!

The engineers that designed the 3.0 USB, brilliantly made it a simple addition to the original Micro USB. Now, even if you happen to lose your 3.0 Cable, you still have the ability to charge and transfer data with a 2.0 Cable, as they are somewhat universal and readily available.

The Wolves:

As always, with advancement, comes people wanting to make a buck illegitimately. In this case, I have found manufacturers that take the old Micro USBs and put them into the shell of a new 3.0 Cable. These look the same, feel the same and even work, but only contain 4 wires. This doesn’t allow for the quick charging or ultra fast streaming. The worst news it, since they are 3 times cheaper to make, these manufacturers are producing them by the thousands upon thousands. Sleazy sellers and suppliers have secretly been selling these fakes as cheap generics, or “wholesale” type brands. People can’t resist the price that these sellers are offering, but have no clue what they are actually buying. As the old adage goes, “you get what you pay for.” When looking for any chargers, USBs, phone accessories, make sure you pick one with a reputable brand, like ours! Fortunately for us, as we know, good always wins out before the end; and even now, we are spreading the word and helping people get true accessories that actually live up to the description. You can see our list of 3.0 Cables here.

The war wages on!

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