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Samsung S5 / Note 3 Charger and USB Kit


Tired of cheap chargers and USBs that break the first week you get them??… This one is BUILT TO LAST – And we put a LIFETIME guarantee on it!


Product Description

Highly Optimized 3.0 USB Cable Designed for Powerfully Fast Streaming


Tired Of Cheap USBs & Chargers That Break A Week After You Buy Them? – Then you’ve come to the right place! This Cable / Charger Bundle is so awesome, we actually guarantee it for LIFE! ‘Nuff Said.
– Nickel Alloy Coating, and Advanced Solder Technology Maximize Streaming Speeds
– Full 9 Wire Authentic 3.0 USB… No Limitations, Charge Your Phone Twice as Fast

Get Your Travel On!!! When you get this, you get peace of mind… Why? Because, now you finally have two sets!! Woo hoo! That’s right, one for home, one for the car. So ya, take that trip, now you got some back up for your phone! Girlfriend always stealing your charger? Does she ALWAYS have a dead phone??? Don’t worry, get this and keep it to yourself! Or better yet, give it to her and get your old one back! (it’s got a colorful box & chicks dig that stuff;)

BE CAREFUL! – These new 3.0 cables are great, but be sure you are buying from a 3.0 Authentic dealer, like us. Some copy-cat wires that look Exactly Like These, are being made by the Thousands, with still, ONLY 4 Wires – That is not Authentic 3.0, and will NOT Work the Same!


Love it, or Leave it Zeus Products’ 100% Guarantee – 100% Compatible, 100% Performance for 100% of it’s Life or we will give you 100% of your money back (including 100% free shipping)!

You Have Nothing To Lose, Scroll Up to the top & Unleash Your Life Now!


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